Message from the President 01 Jun 2016

My fellow KM Practitioners,

iKMS is committed to nurturing and stewarding a knowledge practitioner community. Our singular purpose is to serve our members; to enable practitioners with KM interests and KM roles in organisations to better realize KM outcomes. Currently with more than 2O member organisations from both public and private sectors, and increased interest in knowledge activities in Singapore and within the region, iKMS is challenged each year to demonstrate its value to its members. In particular, KM practitioners had last year voiced their concerns with limited training budgets within their organisations, and iKMS has heeded these calls.

This year, our hallmark annual Knowledge Management Singapore Conference KMSG16 takes on a bold and value-adding format. We have worked very hard to gain the trust of NTU, and the university has kindly granted us the use of its premises for KMSG16! This is all the more symbolic as iKMS’s roots are actually in NTU, having been formed in 2001 by Prof Sulaiman Hawamdeh and his team from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communications and Information. So for us it’s a homecoming indeed!

On a more practical note, we have been able to significantly reduce the conference fees by more than 50%. While last year’s 3-day conference costs each practitioner around SGD 1100, this year we are pleased to offer the full conference package at just over SGD 500! Some of you might ask, have we compromised on quality? In fact, quite on the contrary, I submit to you that we believe we have instead increased the quality of the conference! This year, for the very first time, we will be hosting the Global Learning week in conjunction with KMSG16.

Hence during the period 26-30 Sep 2016, representatives and delegates from our 9-member Knowledge Management Global Network (KMGN), which iKMS initiated in 2014, will support the Global Learning Week which we have inaugurated as part of KMSG16. So this year it is a 5-day event, packed to the hilt with quality presentations, workshops, sharings and of course, networking. And all this for a total and incredible attendance fee of just over SGD 500! In simple terms, it will cost a KM practitioner only around SGD 100 per day to attend the various sessions.

I believe it does not and will not get any cheaper! A quick check around at a somewhat similar conference occurring in Jul 2016 puts the per day attendance at around SGD 500. That means we are five times cheaper, in case you need this for your internal approvals! This arrangement will only be for this year, and Thailand will likely host the Global Learning Week in 2017!

So KMSG16 Global Learning Week will be action packed with value! The total conference package over 5 days includes access to a site visit, an introductory workshop, 12 masterclass sessions from regional and world-renowned experts, 2 key notes by KM Thought Leaders, 3 Conference Presentations, 8 Case Studies and Best Practice mini-breakout sessions. The topics we have carefully selected for our KM practitioners is also based on feedback that we have gained from you, and include emergent topics like Data Analytics, Sensemaking, Design Thinking, and of course, Technology Optimization. We believe that these are real and present issues facing our KM practitioners in organisations today.

Our past attendees from previous KMSG conferences will also remember how committed we are to collaboration and peer learning, and there will, therefore, be the now familiar practitioner-led small room discussions, and also the KM expert panel. All practitioners who participate in KMSG16 over the five days will receive a souvenir copy of iKMS’s Compendium GLOBE, which will include a range of practical KM ideas, and also be able to mingle with and learn from past and present Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) winners.

So in conclusion, I am proud and excited to be able to announce the KMSG16 Global Learning Week. I must add that I have also been not surprised at the growing take-up rate. There are organisations that have pre-booked dozens of tickets for their staff, as this is a wonderful opportunity to meaningfully utilize the training budgets to highest value. So tickets are starting to sell fast! Do contact us for bulk reservations. My EXCO and I remain of service to you, the KM practitioner, always, and we certainly look forward to catching up with you in Sep 2016!

Best wishes ahead!

Dr. Karuna Ramanathan
President iKMS