How to develop and implement a successful social media strategy?

Whit the official opening of the 2011 KM Singapore just few hours away now, some 70 people participated today in a pre-conference masterlcass on social media, facilitated by Michelle Lambert. Michelle is a Change Management expert who specialises in capability building in organisations. She is the creator of the Change Management Cards, a set of method cards designed to help managers plan and implement successful change and she facilitates the Knowledge Management Roundtable (KMRt) in Victoria, Australia.

In today’s workshop, she did a great job in sharing her experience regarding the approaches and techniques that have proven to be effective when organisations want to develop and implement an effective social media strategy.

Michelle kicked off her presentation with an overview of what it is social media and how organisations are using and benefiting from it. In her views, social media is changing the way organisations and people work and interact; in a nutshell, it’s about empowering people and creating spaces and opportunities for conversations, peer exchange and collaboration.


Business can ignore social media but this is at their own risks. Evidence shows that business that is already using social media to connect with staff and customers are indeed thriving. But the question is: how do you get there and make sure that you can successfully develop and deploy a social media strategy that works at organisational level?

According to Michelle, the key point is to identify the business requirements that social media can address instead of identifying “solutions that look for a problems”. In other words, it’s about making sure that staff in the organisation have a shared understanding and agree on what are the business needs that can be addressed using social media and why they are important. Moreover, it’s about developing a shared understanding on what issues and barriers are present in terms of governance of social media. Mostly, it’s about the people, and if social media initiatives inside organisations do not address the people issue and engage with people, these initiatives are bound to fail.
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