Dear Homepage Visitors,

We are offering you a very highly qualified development technology for your company. It is not only machines, that we offers for sale. We are offering you all related subjects:

Techncal training.

The UN and a lot of developed industrial countries would like to develop the world with credits and with production of debts for the Third World. We claim that these methods are old fashion methods, and the best strategy for enabling mankind is to enable them to help themselves. The second hand units are playing a very central role in this respect.

The best Credit we can give to the Third World is by enabling the Third World to help themselves. We especially request the UN and the World Bank to think about an immediate change of strategies. Offering and selling of the new production units to the man in Africa, Asia and Latein America, who has not one Penny in their pocket, will kill any development in those countries. UN and the World bank are causing debts and loans but not productivity. The modern economy of today makes a new strategy necessary.

We are offering through systematical thinking a complete range of the production units, which are bounded to each other:

Sugar plant • Cube sugar plant • Animal food plant • Yeast plant • Alcohol plant.

Or in the Vegetable oil plants:

Vegetable oil pressing • Vegetable oil Extraction • Super degumming • Vegetable oil refining • Vegetable oil bottling • Fractionation unit (eliminates the parts, which damage the heart out of oil ) • Baby food plant ( makes the basic function for the development fo a child possible.) • Lecithin plant • Protein plant • Animal food plant…

We ask all Dreamers and Spinners to stop the present strategy, which is the cause of Terror and poverty in the Third world. The lessons of the Terror-Attacks in the USA on September 11th, 2001 shall teach us soonest, that the UN, the World Bank and a lot of the Industrial countries are stepping in a wrong direction.

Artificial intelligence, dynamics of the Internet, global knowledge of all Internet users make an immdiate change of the whole developping strategies necessary:

The real development and partnership with the Third World.

We are sure that most of the countries with Terroristic potentials will stop even to think about any terror attackes, if we have, let us say, 100 production units in those countries in the basic industrial fields (food, textile, medical, …. ).

Specific suggestions in this regard are already given from us to the UN, The World Bank and most of the Industrial countries. The problem is that the responsible authorities do NOT even study this recommandations from the experts.

You are welcome to inquiry for specific projects by us and you will realize that we will try our Best for you.

Sincerely yours,
K. Amighi, Senior Executive Manager