Choosing the Right Plans For Your Garage

Having a garage is part of every homeowner’s dream. It is one of the nice things that makes life a little more comfortable, a little more convenient and a little bit safer. Design your own garage to make sure you have all of the features want. Choose the building material, color, size, roof type, windows and doors. Select garage plans designed and checked by a qualified professional to make sure that the building will stand up and hold together for years to come. Make sure they are approved by the local building control and planning department before beginning to put your dream garage together.
Garage Plans

Prototype of a hypothetical plan SIZE

Choose a garage size based on how many vehicles will be housed in the garage and how much space is available to build the structure. Government agencies regulate how large a garage can be, and plans must be approved accordingly. Standard sizes range from 3m by 5m to 9m by 10.


Basic garage plans are designed to hold one or two vehicles and provide a roof for protection, with wide doors for easy vehicle access. Material is often brickwork or block. Other features that can be added to your structure include electricity, dormer windows, an upper storage area and a sturdy floor. You may be able to closely match the garage material and color to that of your existing home for a better blend and pleasing look.


There are many different roof types for garages. The two most common types are gable and hip. The gable roof has two sides that meet at the top in a point and angle down over the building until it reaches the building’s edges. A hip roof has four sides that meet in an apex at the top and extend down the sides to the building’s edges. Roof structures are most commonly made from tile or slate.


The most important entrance to a garage, of course, is the one for your vehicle. The number of vehicle doors is usually determined by how many cars can comfortably fit inside the structure. Each usually has its own door. People can use the car door for entry and exit, but unless the door is left open most of the time, a pedestrian door is handy as well.

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