Eliciting expert knowledge – The MASK method

Eliciting the knowledge of your experts so that it can be shared with their colleagues or transferred to the next generation, is a way to reduce the risks of knowledge loss and facilitate knowledge transfer.

But what different methods can be used to elicit/capture the knowledge of an expert?

Vincent Ribière (Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Southeast Asia) presented the MASK method (Method for Analyzing and Structuring Knowledge) originally developed in France for the needs of the CEA (Center for Atomic Energy).

MASK allows to capture the knowledge through models instead of just written text. These models are then combined in ‘knowledge books’, a web based IT system which allows the visualization of the knowledge of the experts, as well as for other users to contribute and comments. Knowledge books make also a great use of multimedia, to present expert knowledge in more visual and interactive way. By the same token, the allow to find the experts and connect people.
In Vincent’s experience, this methods has proved to be very effective in different types of organizations, to make sure that the knowledge of experts do get transferred to new colleagues and doesn’t get lost over time.

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