KM practices in Asia

Praba Nair, Principal Consultant in KM and Change Management, KDi Asia offered participants at the 2012 KM Singapore conference an overview of current KM practices in Asia – and the lessons learnt from his extensive experience in different countries of the region.

According to Praba, looking at countries such as India, Taiwan, Korea and the Philippines, what emerges is that knowledge management is quite alive and there’s a growing interest in it by large as well as small and medium organizations. By the same token, many government bodies are encouraging organizations to adopt KM practices, through direct funding or other types of support. Some organizations are reporting tangible results through the adoption of KM practices.

However, substantial differences exist in terms of how KM practices are supported across different countries. In some countries like Thailand an official decree mandates for all government agencies to implement KM; on the other side of the spectrum, companies in India and Indonesia make larger use of incentive systems such as recognition and awards for employees who champion knowledge management. Both approach produce different results depending on the specific context

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