Leveraging the cloud for knowledge-based service innovations

Professor Eric Tsui from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University focused his presentation at the KM 2012 Singapore on the role of the cloud as a convenient and economical way to consolidate services and save costs.

According to Prof. Tsui, cloud computing has been gaining rapid support and popularity over the past few years. However, the understanding of the cloud is rather confusing and its use often limited to storage and office productivity purposes.
This may change rapidly in the coming years, with more people and machines connecting in the cloud and exploiting this increasing amount of connections. For Prof. Tsui, these connections include people connecting to software in the cloud; connections between machines and last but not least people to people connections.

Leveraging all these connection as well as good text and data mining, the cloud could do a lot more for business. For example, we could source and find expertise in the cloud; we could leverage on the cloud to do innovation; finally, we could use the cloud for enhanced collaboration and learning.