Services Offered by Construction Technologies

Services Offered by Construction Technologies

We have helped our customers meet energy and environmental goals in construction for 17 years in Alberta.

Passive Solar
Active Solar Energy Systems
Fire-Rated Assemblies
Rammed Earth
Straw Bale Construction
New Construction
Environmental Building Materials
Project Managment and Contracting

Consider our unique and exclusive approach to energy self-sufficient directions.

Vision – What are the ultimate goals?
Feasibility Studies – Which options are possible to achieve given the situation?
Design Programming – Detail the specific requirements the design must successfully provide.
Conceptual Design – Incorporate the program into feasible design(s).
Systems – Design mechanical systems and features.
Planning – Coordinate engineering, development and building code requirements.
Drafting – Provide full sets of plans.
Budget – Provide project budgets.
Implement – Project Management, Site Supervision, Trades, Contracting.
Building Materials – Provide natural, environmentally friendly construction materials.
Training and Technology Transfer

Your project is worth building, so take the time to let your imagination loose, investigate your options. Then develop a plan for a project you can live with. See (About Us)