The heaven and hell of communities and networks

Nancy White was the keynote speaker at the second day of the 2012 KM Singapore conference. In her presentation, Nancy Nancy looked at how technology has changed what it means to be together. Now we can connect, create and share knowledge, work, learn and interact with the person sitting next to us and the person half way around the world. We can belong to any number of “knowledge communities or networks.” We now not only have an abundance of information, but an abundance of actual and potential connections.

So how can we use communities and networks in a more useful way? Nancy suggested three possible ways to go about this.
Firstly, we should be more deliberate about sense-making and limit the communities and processes we engage with. Secondly, she underlines the notion of creative destruction, meaning that we need to understand we we need to “blow up so that we have more time for the things that matter.” TRIZ is one useful method to learn how to do that. Finally, she recommended to focus on conversations, as they have depth and significance. Our networks allow us to connect widely and in many ways but the downside of this is that we lose depth. ”Conversation is the key to open the door to depth.”

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