The Planet Housing Project:

A unique and powerful resource network and
market for developing basic housing .

An infrastructure for environmentally produced, basic housing projects:

Information and Internet services.
Collaborative workspaces.
Marketplace & transactions.


Worldwide selection of environmental construction technologies.
Licensing arrangements for construction materials and technologies.
Technology transfer and technology exchange system.


Match funders with projects.
Capitalize technology development.
Case histories of funding for projects and technology.

Project and land development services

Historical records for planning and quoting projects.
Networks of Consultants, Project Managers, Contractors, Architectural, Test Agencies, etc.
Internet-Based Collaborative Work Environments

Network with Government:

Housing, social concerns,
Construction, funding, trade,
Building codes, regulatory.

Natural Resources

Building Materials Production

A broad based, multidisciplinary network from all types of participants has
the potential to generate viable and effective organization of resources.

An organized market will attract new participants and funding which
increases production of basic housing with environmental methods.

The Planet Housing Project is a venue for funding and business activity
supported by transaction fees.
The instant availability of information via the internet forms the essence
of this proposal. Those who access information will be required to supply
information. Detailed plans of this new cooperative business structure are

For further information please contact Geoffrey Lyford, Project Coordinator